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Universal Forum for Culture 2013



The UNESCO Universal Forum for Culture (first started in 1997 by the 191 states of the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization) chose to create in Naples a long event that would bring together different cultures from all 5 continents to establish a forum for a dialogue about urgent social matters. They did this while laying a large emphasis on art, creativity, "openness and peace." The three cruxes of the event are cultural diversity, peace and sustainable development. Through the medium of open and artistic dialogue the objective is  "(…)creating for the largest possible number of people new opportunities for reflection and dialogue on the problems associated with the accelerations of globalization processes and new uncertainties and opportunities of today's world."  


This is quite beneficial for Naples because the city will get a complete rejuvenation. The city will receive a sizable grant from the UN to start the process. With the money, they will partially redevelop the western part of the city, and build a new structure for the events to take place. In this western area, they will build more housing, better waste disposal, and create more access to the natural thermal baths. The city is estimating that over 5 million visitors will attend which will substantially boost the economy by providing over 10,000 jobs. Considering that in the past often this city has been perceived as a dangerous place , this event could hold a great deal of significance. Part of the point of the event is to look at the past and reconcile it with the future.  For this reason the particular theme for the event in Naples will be "The Memory of the Future." A more simple explanation of the idea is "knowing ones roots for planning a common future." Which is not as paradoxical as it may sound, considering the rich and vibrant history of Naples's, the cities surroundings are a constant reminder.


If you come to visit Naples for the Forum, you will certainly not get bored: Baroque churches, Castles , beautiful squares, Museums of antique and contemporary art , incredibly well preserved old monasteries, all is unique here! But there is wealth of things to do besides touring the city and eating exquisitely perfect pizza: close to Naples there are ancient ruins, incredibly beautiful and pristine beaches, islands and scenic coastlines.  The surrounding areas are easily accessible by car (train and bus also available). If you are interested in taking a city tour of Naples, you can click here to inquire, and we will be happy to organize it for you.


Slightly south of Naples there is the famous city of Pompeii. During the Roman period it was swallowed by the Vesuvius  volcano in 79 A.D and frozen in time. The ruins are some of the most famous in the world because of how well preserved the city was under the volcanic ash. After all, it was until the mid 18th century that they began to uncovered. There you can see the remains of that city just as it was that day in 79A.D. Also, a bit more north of that site, also covered by the volcano on that fateful day in 79 A.D is the wealthy village of Herculanuem. 


If art and archaeology isn't so much your thing,  and you are in Naples during the Universal Forum for Culture, other amazing attractions are the beaches and coastlines. The Amalfi coast is quite close to Naples and is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world. The water is turquoise blue, completely clear and dotted with small dinghies and sail boats.  Also, there are small coastal towns almost built into the mountainside coasts. The best to visit are Positano, Ravello, Amalfi, and Sorrento. You will able to discover these amazing places with a well planned day trip from Naples.  Should you be interested in the Amalfi Coast excursion just click here to ask info).


Off the coast of Naples are a series of beautiful Islands, the most famous being Capri. Its beautiful crystal clear waters, the dramatic Faraglioni cliffs and the incredible caves as the famous Grotta Azzurra, makes of Capri the image of paradise. But this little island has also the charme of the wordliness : actors, celebrities, politicians, most of them at least once had aperitivo at the famous little central square called Piazzetta! 


As you can see, if you choose to visit the Universal Forum of Culture this year, it will be impossible to get bored with all the fascinating attractions nearby and in the city!  The schedule for the Universal Forum is not yet out. Once more information is available we will post it.  In the meantime, keep checking back and start planning your trip! 




Unesco Forum in Naples










Bay of Naples










Naples, Piazza Plebiscito 

















Amalfi Coast 

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