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Saint Mark's Day Celebration


On April 25th Venice celebrates Saint Mark’s day (Festa di San Marco), the saint patron of the city.  The celebration is held to remember the anniversary of the death of the saint though in earlier times it was celebrated also the 31st January to commemorate when the relic of the saint was transferred to Venice from Alexandria of Egypt in year 828.


Saint Mark’s day is also the festival of the blooming rose and traditionally every man donates a rosebud to his loved one. The tradition is based on the legend of a love tale between Maria Partecipazio, a young noblewoman who was in love with Tancredi a simple troubadour. Because of the social difference their relationship was opposed by the aristocratic father of the woman.  Seeking for glory that could win the father’s favor, Tancredi joins the army of Charlemagne in the war against the Arabs of Spain.


Sadly the young man dies in battle and falls over a rose bed, but before passing away he gives a rosebud to the paladin Orlando asking him to bring it back to Maria in Venice as a sign of his immortal love.  Orlando keeps the pledge to Tancredi and brings the flower to Maria, but the day after, on Saint Mark’s day, the woman is found dead with the rosebud lying on her heart.  Since then, on April 25th Venetian men are used to give a rosebud to their woman as a sign of true love.


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 Venice, Saint Mark's Square


Saint Mark's Day in Venice


Venice painting by Canaletto



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    So nice to learn about interesting stories like this one! Thank you

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    Beautiful but sad...

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