Lake Maggiore Day-trip

A day-trip from Milan to discover Lago Maggiore, the gem of the Lake District


--- Please note this tour is only available April to September  ---



The Milanese aristocracy used to spent their vacations in the area North of Milan since the XVI century, due to the favourable climate and the beautiful landscape. Many villas, castles and beautiful monuments literally dot this area of Lombardy. This one day private tour will permit you to enjoy the beauties of nature and art next to one of the most beautiful lake of the Alps: the Lake Maggiore.


  • This private tour will start with the Rocca di Angera, an imposing fortress towering over the lower part of the Lake from a rock fortified since the Roman times. Frescoes from the XIII century decorates the halls of the castle, celebrating the glory of the Visconti family, lords of Milan and first owner of the fortress. In XV century it became the residence of the Borromeo family, the highest aristocracy of Lombardy, house of warriors and men of the church. From the top of its keep you will have a breathtaking panorama of the Lake Maggiore surrounded by the Alps.


  • North of Angera is located Santa Caterina del Sasso, a medieval hermitage situated on the slopes of a cliff suspended over the Lake. A place of worship since the medieval times and a balcony to the medium part of Lake Maggiore.


  • For the lunch break it will be possible to stop in a traditional trattoria (family-run restaurant) where you can sample the delicious local food or, as an alternative, have a quick sandwich at a bar on the banks of the lake


  • After lunch we will have a cruise on the lake to the beautiful Borromeo Islands. Once a private feud of the Borromeo family the small islands are the true gems of the lake. The Isola Bella, dominated by the marvellous palace of the Borromeo family with its XVIII century gardens and the Fishermen's Island, a village surrounded by the water of the lake.


Type of tour: Tour with limo and private tourguide. The chauffer will pick you up at the hotel.

Duration: 7 hrs (including one hour for lunch break) 



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Lake Maggiore, Isola Bella



Rocca di Angera Castle



Eremo di Santa Caterina



Lake Maggiore



Lake Maggiore, Isola dei Pescatori