Barumini and Nora: An Archaeological Journey Through Time


A fascinating shore excursion for cruise passengers: an archaeological journey of more than one thousand years of history, through the civilizations of the Nuragics, Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans.  


A private archaeology tour to discover two great touristic attractions of Sardinia, the ruins of Nora and the nuraghe of Barumini. The tour can be organized for passengers of cruise ships arriving to Cagliari with pick-up at the dock.



This full day tour starts with the car picking you up at the hotel (or at the dock) together with your private guide. 


After a 45 minutes drive you reach Pula and go through the center of this charming little town. In just few minutes you arrive to the sea for starting your private tour by visiting:

  • The church of Sant’Efisio, built in the 11th Century A.D. and part of a very important religious celebration taking place every year at the beginning of May. The church is surrounded by palm trees and located right on a lovely sandy beach dominated by a 16th Century Spanish tower
  • The archaeological site of ancient Nora. This town was originally built by the Phoenicians in the 9th Century B.C. and later inhabited by Carthagenians and Romans. The site is located right on the sea, in a truly fascinating setting where is possible to see interesting remains of thermae, houses, roads and a theatre


After Pula, your private limo will take you to Barumini (about 1,5 hr drive) where you will tour the archaeological site of Su Nurraxi to discover the "nuraghi" and the ancient Nuragic civilization. This ancient culture was unique of Sardinia and flourished throughout the island between 1200 and 500 B.C.


At Su Nurraxi there are the remainings of an important Nuragic city that developed around a great fortress built between 1100 and 1050 B.C. The fortress is almost 20 meters high, with huge stone walls and composed by several towers. It is possible to visit inside this stunning monument and to climb on one of the towers to have a great view of the surrounding countryside.


The site lost importance and was abandoned after the 6th Century A.D. and was buried over time until it was unearthed between 1949 and 1956 by the archaeologist Giovanni Lilliu. It is now included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites.


If time allows it will be possible to visit the Casa Zapata in the town of Barumini. It is a beautiful 16th Century Spanish palace transformed in museum. It is built over another ancient nuraghe, and is possible to see the ancient nuragic foundations as well as a museum dedicated to the local lifestyle of the past centuries.


Between the visit of Nora and Barumini there will be time for a lunch break to try some of the Sardinian specialties in a typical family-run local restaurant . At the end of the day the car will take you back to the hotel in Cagliari (about one hour drive).


Type of tour: Tour with limo and private guide

Duration: about 8 hours (including one hour for lunch break)


If you are visiting Cagliari with a cruise, this tour is a great chance to discover the unique culture of Sardinia. We organize pick-up at the dock and ensure that you will be back on time to board the ship.



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The Beach of Nora



The Church of Sant'Efisio at Nora



The Ancient City of Nora






Barumini, Aerial View of Su Nurraxi


 Barumini, Su Nurraxi, Inside the Nuraghe



Barumini, the Fortress of Su Nurraxi



Barumini, Su Nurraxi, the Nuraghe