About Romaround

Romaround was founded in 2002 by Sandra Errichetti, who is responsible for all of its activities and programs.

Sandra studied Art History at the University of Padua, and spent one year studying in Venice. She graduated in 1994 and then earned a postgraduate degree in Management of Museums and Art Institutions in Vicenza. Until 1996 she worked at the Civic Museum of Padua, which is world famous for Giotto's painting s in the Scrovegni Chapel.

She spent a year in Chicago, a city that she loved for its atmosphere and architecture. In the windy city Sandra collaborated with Select Italy one of the finest tour operators specializing in Italian travel. After Chicago she moved to live in Bangkok, where she had the privilege of experiencing the beauty of South East Asian cultures.

Upon her return to Europe she got married with Andrea, born in Florence and raised between Tuscany and Massachusetts. Thanks to her husband more and more Sandra started to know and to love the beautiful cities of Florence and Boston.

In 1998 Sandra and Andrea moved to live in Rome, where she worked for 4 years in various important museums: Capitoline Museum, National Archeological Museum in Palazzo Massimo, Domus Aurea, in addition to working in many important art exhibitions. In 1999 she passed the test to become official tour guide for the city of Rome.

In 2002 Sandra started-up Romaround where she now collaborates with a wonderful team of guides. The guides, all officially licensed, are chosen not only based on their deep knowledge of the city, but also for their warmth and communication skills. The philosophy of Romaround is based on helping a guest discover the treasures of Italy as you would with a trusted friend.

Romaround is now part of Blue Travel LLC, a company specialized in high quality travels to Italy. Based in Boston (MA), Blue Travel has representatives in Rome, Florence and Venice and is continuing to enlarge its service offering covering other Italian locations.