Quartiere Ostiense

A walking tour to discover an archaeology museum, an ancient  cemetery and a bustling market in Quartiere Ostiense, one of the most characteristics neighborhoods of Rome 












John Keats Tombstone 










This private walking tour will take you through some lesser known spots of Rome, all located in the Ostiense neighborhood.  The itinerary will cover the following attractions:


  • The Centrale Montemartini museum - In 1997 a former power plant was restored and converted into an extremely fascinating museum. It hosts a collection of classical Roman and Greek masterpieces. It is truly striking the contrast between the ancient white marble and the modern grey steel, the light grace of art opposed to the heaviness of engines built for power production

  • With a short walk we will reach the Piramide Cestia - A curious piece of Egypt inside the Eternal city, it was built around 12 BC as a mausoleum for a rich Roman merchant, Gaius Cestius Epulo 

  • Right beneath the pyramid we will visit the Non-catholic Cemetery of Rome – It is the romantic resting place of Shelley and Keats as well as others significant personalities of the last century, including Antonio Gramsci, philosopher, writer and founder of the Italian Communist Party

  • The tour will end at the Testaccio market where you can mix with the locals to buy fresh Italian food on the stalls and then go for a good lunch in a nearby trattoria



Type of tour: walking tour

Duration: 3-3.5 hrs




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