Day-Trip to Tivoli

A wonderful day-trip from Rome to the villas of Tivoli

 Villa Adriana


Tivoli Villa of Hadrian


Tivoli, Model of Hadrian's Villa 





The excursion to Tivoli is one of the most beautiful day-trips to the surroundings of Rome. It is a full-day private tour to visit the villa of emperor Hadrian, a magnificent palace of ancient Rome and the villa D'Este, a Renaissance villa with probably the most spectacular gardens in Europe



The excursion begins with the visit to the fascinating ruins of Emperor Hadrian's villa, built in the early 2nd century as a retreat from Rome for the Emperor.

It was a complex of over thirty buildings, including palaces, thermae, a theatre, temples, libraries, state rooms and quarters for praetorians and slaves, covering an area of at least one square kilometer. The different shapes and architectures are told to be inspired by the many trips of the emperor in various parts of the world.

Before moving to visit the Villa D'Este, it is be possible to have a short break for lunch in the pretty town of Tivoli.


After the break, the private tour will continue to the Renaissance gardens of the Villa d'Este, world famous for the spectacular gardens with hundreds of fountains.

The cardinal Ippolito II d'Este built this villa, which today is owned by the Italian State. The gardens, designed by Pirro Ligorio, are an artistic and natural marvel built on different levels: among the trees, the statues, the green and the fountains, from each terrace you will enjoy the beautiful view of the surrounding landscape.


The villas of Tivoli are about one hour drive from the center of Rome. This tour includes a private limo with driver and a private tour guide. 


Type of tour: tour with limo

Duration: 7 hours





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In the beautiful gardens of Villa D'Este were shot many scenes of "Three Coins in the Fountain", the famous movie of the 50s. Look to our movies blog to know more and see a videoclip from the film.