Ancient Ostia Day-Trip

A day-trip to visit the ruins of Ancient Ostia and the Baths of Caracalla in Rome.






Ostia Antica





Ancient Ostia



Ancient Ostia 




This full-day private tour starts in Rome at The Baths of Caracalla, with the amazing ruins of the most magnificent spa ever built by a Roman Emperor.

Your private guide will then take you to the magnificent ruins of Ostia Antica (Ancient Ostia) one of the most fascinating sites of the surroundings of Rome.

Ancient Ostia at the time of the Romans was the most important seaport of the Mediterranean. Here you will enter inside this ancient town and visit the archaeological area that is so fascinating that Ostia Antica is also called "the little Pompei".


Highlights of the visit to Ancient Ostia: 

  • Theatre
  • Synagogue, the most ancient in Europe
  • Neptune's Baths with beautiful and very well preserved mosaics 
  • Forum and Capitolium
  • Templum of Hercules
  • Streets with remains of shops, homes and villas
  • Medieval castle and town



The site is located about one hour from the center of Rome, and can be reached with public transportation. As an alternative we will be happy to arrange a private car with driver.

Duration: 7 hours (including a break for lunch)

Note that it is also possible to arrange a shorter version of this tour without the Baths of Caracalla. 




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