Four Days in Rome

Four full days with your personal guide, a perfect chance to explore Rome in depth.










Day one:

  • VATICAN MUSEUM highlights of one of the largest and most important art collections in the world
  • SISTINE CHAPEL the masterpiece of Michelangelo
  • SAINT PETER'S BASILICA the most important Christian church in the world
  • NAVONA SQUARE with the beautiful Baroque Four Rivers fountain designed by Bernini in the 17th century
  • PANTHEON the unique well preserved temple in Rome dating back to the 2nd century, with its astonishing dome
  • TREVI FOUNTAIN where to drop the coins for ensuring your return to Rome!
  • SPANISH STEPS the most famous staircase in Italy

Day two:

  • BORGHESE GALLERY (booking requred in advance: we can reserve tickets for the Borghese with no extra charge) one of the finest museums in the world - in my modest opinion!
  • CATACOMBS OF S. PRISCILLA the most interesting catacombs in Rome with the first image of the Virgin ever discovered (to go there by cab or private transportation)
  • JEWISH GHETTO where you can walk through the narrow streets and the Roman ruins of Theatre of Marcellus and Portico d'Ottavia. If possible you can also enter the Synagogue.
  • TRASTEVERE AREA one of the most picturesque areas in Rome with the beautiful church of Santa Maria in Trastevere

Day three:

  • SAN PETER'S IN VINCOLI church to see the famous sculpture of Moses by Michelangelo
  • SAN CLEMENTE church with three superimposed levels of building, one of the most unique churches in Rome
  • COLOSSEUM the biggest amphitheatre ever built by the Romans (with your guide you will avoid the line)
  • ROMAN FORUM the centre of Roman public life in Ancient Times
  • CAPITOL HILL with the beautiful Renaissance square designed by Michelangelo
  • PIAZZA VENEZIA with the huge Vittoriano building, also called by the Romans "the wedding cake"!

Day four:

  • DAY TRIP TO TIVOLI to vist the fascinating ruins of the Hadrian's imperial Villa and the incredible Renaissance gardens of Villa d'Este with hundreds of fountains.

A possible Day five, or alternative to day four, could be:

  • CARACALLA THERMAL BATHS with the amazing ruins of the most magnificent "spa" built by the Roman Emperor
  • EXCURSION TO OSTIA ANTICA which at the time of the Romans was the most important seaport. Today it is also called the little Pompei, and it is located about one hour out of Rome.

Duration: 7 hours per day (including lunch break)




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