Amalfi Coast Tour

A beautiful day-trip from Naples to the Amalfi Coast, to discover Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano and Ravello. This Amalfi Coast private tour can be done also as shore excursion from the port of Naples  




The Amalfi Coast, Costiera Amalfitana in Italian, is a stretch of coastline South of Naples. It is world famous for the beauty of the scenery and nature, the history and artistic treasures of its towns and many gastronomic specialties like the limoncello, the liquor made from lemons.




This private tour with limo will begin by meeting your private driver at the hotel in Naples or directly at the docks of the Port of Naples for passengers of cruise ships. 


The Amalfi Coast private tour will take you along the scenic road that goes along the shore to visit the most beautiful places of the area. The itinerary will include:


  • Positano is a lovely town placed in a beautiful panoramic position overlooking the sea. The old center surrounds the church of Santa Maria Assunta with the dome made of the typical colorful ceramic tiles. Little alleys, with bars and shops selling typical products, lead down to the beach where you can sit down to have a wonderful gelato or limoncello

  • Amalfi is perhaps the most important town of the coastline bearing its name. It has a glorious past when was one of the four Maritime Republics (together with Venice, Pisa and Genoa) between the 8th and 13th  Century. It has become a very popular tourist destinations since the 1920s when the British aristocracy started to enjoy the beauty of its sea. A walk starting from the port full of colored fishing boats will take you through the charming town center to reach the beautiful cathedral of Sant’Andrea. The church, overlooking the lively Piazza Duomo, was built in the 12th Century and has also a beautiful cloister where can be seen the influence of the Arab world on Amalfi

  • Sorrento lays on a cliff overlooking the sea. Of the various towns of the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento is the most ancient one, with origins dating back to the 5th Century BC when it was a Greek colony. Today the fishermen’s neighborhood and the nearby beach are still a lovely place for a stroll

  • Ravello sits on an elevated position of 315 meters above sea level. In the center you will visit the old palaces home of the local aristocracy, the villa Ruffolo and Villa Cimbrone and the 11th Century Duomo. But Ravello is also famous for the breathtaking views over the sea and for the many noteworthy personalities that visited and loved the place, like Richard Wagner that in Ravello took inspiration to write the Parsifal. 


Since this is a private tour, the timing will be adjusted to your needs and if you are coming on a cruise it will be based on the schedule of arrival and departure to make sure you will have plenty of margin to be on time.  


Type of tour: tour with limo

Duration: 7 hrs, including a lunch break




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Panorama from Ravello




View of Positano 




Amalfi, the Cathedral




Amalfi Coast