Pisa and Lucca Day-trip

This private tour of Pisa and Lucca is a perfect day-trip from Florence but also can be done as shore excursion from the port of Livorno for passengers arriving on a cruise






A private car with driver will pick-you up at your hotel in Florence or directly at the dock in Livorno. Then you will go to Pisa and Lucca to visit the most beautiful touristic attractions. This private tour can be arranged also starting from other locations in Tuscany.



Pisa was already considered an old city by the ancient Romans and the legend says it was founded by refugees arriving to Tuscany after the fall of Troy. The private tour of Pisa includes:


  • Piazza dei Miracoli
  • The Leaning Tower, one of the most famous monuments in the world
  • The Baptistry, started in 1152, with the sculptures of Nicola Pisano
  • The Cathedral, built between the 11th and 12th century
  • The 15th century Scuola Normale, one of the most ancient and prestigious universities in Europe



Between the visit of the two cities, it will be possible to have a lunch break in a typical restaurant in either in Lucca or Pisa (not included in the price of the tour).



Founded by the Etruscans and Roman colony since 180 BC, is a small city full of Medieval and Renaissance art, with a lovely historical center that is very easy to walk by. The private tour of Lucca includes:


  • The ring of well preserved Renaissance walls
  • Piazza Anfiteatro, the square built on the site of a Roman amphitheater
  • Saint Martin’s Duomo, the fascinating cathedral dating back 1062
  • The Torre Giunigi, a Medieval tower topped by the oaks of its hanging garden
  • The Basilica of San Frediano with sculptures of Andrea Della Robbia and Jacopo Della Quercia
At the end of the tour, the driver will take you back to the hotel in Florence or to the port of Livorno.



This tour can be done with a private guide or just with driver. Given the amount of artistic treasures in Pisa and Lucca we highly recommend taking also one of our extremely qualified official guides.


Type of tour: Tour with limo

Duration: 9 hrs




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Pisa, the Leaning Tower



Pisa, the Cathedral



Pisa, Scuola Normale



Lucca, Amphitheater Square



Lucca, Duomo of San Martino



Lucca, Piazza Anfiteatro



Lucca, Historical Center



Lucca, Giunigi Tower